Member Spotlight: Kinetico

Cleveland Water Alliance is thrilled to welcome Kinetico Water Systems as a new member to the Alliance! Headquartered in Newbury, Ohio, Kinetico has offices around the globe.

An Interview with Karen Pudzer, Kinetico

What is the most important thing to know about Kinetico?

At Kinetico, we have a passion to improve lives through better water. When water flows through life’s experiences, we want it to enhance those moments and for Kinetico to play a role in the responsible use of water, readying it for whomever is next on its journey. As a result of our innovative water technologies, we’ve touched millions of people through clean, healthy, environmentally responsible water. From high quality water for drinking and cooking to soft, filtered water for showers and washing, Kinetico water systems provide peace of mind throughout homes and businesses.

With over 350 water-related companies headquartered in the area, Northeast Ohio is one of the densest clusters of companies in the blue economy in the nation. Kinetico thrives as a global company rooted in this rich ecosystem. How has Kinetico benefitted from being based in Ohio?

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Headquartered in Northeast Ohio, we are very fortunate to collaborate with and hire some of the most talented individuals in the workforce. Located near the Great Lakes, we are water rich and blessed with some of the best water in the world. But we don’t take this advantage for granted. We are focused on improving lives with better water, whether that means helping people who don’t have access to clean, safe water or designing and manufacturing products for those who are battling water issues in their homes or businesses.

 And although we think and work globally, Kinetico also encourages its employees to give back to their local communities and participate in various philanthropic activities.    

Why did Kinetico decide to become a member of the Cleveland Water Alliance?

At Kinetico, we make environmental care a priority and believe it is everyone’s responsibility to conserve, protect and cherish our water. As a water industry leader with regard to environmentally responsible products, processes and facilities management, Kinetico has the power to lead by example and influence others to do the same. Environmental stewardship is an integral part of Kinetico’s brand values, and it fits well with the Cleveland Water Alliance’s mission of “leveraging technology to drive economic development and spark innovation around water in Cleveland and beyond.”   

What’s New at Kinetico?

Innovating in the Home: Smart Water Systems

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Kinetico has ventured into leak detection with the release of its Leak Detection & Automatic Water Shut-Off System. Kinetico’s Leak Detection System includes a Wi-Fi connected hub, sensors and a shut-off valve that is installed on a water supply. When a leak is detected, the valve shuts off the water supply within seconds to prevent water damage. Interaction with the system can be done on site or remotely via a smartphone app.

Leak and flood damage is one of the most common homeowner insurance claims with high deductibles and $8,000 as the average claim. Many consumers want to avoid loss and the expense and frustration caused by water damage, and they are looking for leak detection options. Kinetico is in the business of improving lives through better water, and that can mean protecting consumers from the damaging effects of hard, iron-laden water, or helping people prevent or minimize damage caused by water where it shouldn’t be.

The Kinetico Leak Detection System is expandable and customizable, based on a consumer’s needs, and offers consumers both protection and peace of mind. The system is available through Kinetico’s authorizes, independent dealers.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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Savannah Tracy