Let's find smart ways to keep Lake Erie great

A late April day with warm breezes and temperatures in the 80s reminds me of how lucky we are to live on the shore of Lake Erie. A few brave souls recently had their sailboats on the still-frigid lake waters.They'll have plenty of company soon. Lake Erie will be dotted with speedboats and sails, and we'll spend late afternoons and evenings with creeping shadows as we cast fishing lines or walk along the lakeshore watching the sun sink into the western sky.So often, when you live with something long enough, you take it for granted. I fear that's what we've done with our greatest natural asset.At a time when we see the threat of environmental dangers such as toxic algal blooms juxtaposed with the potential of federal budget cuts, we must seek creative solutions to ensure that our greatest natural resource remains a great Great Lake...Read more