Erie Hack Update!

Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA) is in the midst of Erie Hack (, a technology and engineering innovation challenge bringing together developers, engineers, researchers, educators and citizens to address the biggest challenges facing Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes. Erie Hack is a bi-national event engaging the US and Canada, seven foundations, six cities and more than 30 organizations around six challenges identified collaboratively within partner cities using a NASA-led "Ideation" process. Each of the four partner cities (Buffalo, Cleveland, Toledo and Detroit), with participants from Windsor and Erie, have selected their top teams and innovations to send to semi-finals in Detroit and up to 10 finalist teams will be sent to Cleveland May 3 to compete for four prizes totaling $100,000 in cash and services. A separate high school team competition is also being held on April 29th. Erie Hack is creating a new model collaborative innovation ecosystem around Lake Erie and its watersheds. The innovative solutions and the collaborative process developed to address common fresh water issues could have impact on water challenges globally, and the development of the solutions is expected to have economic benefit on the communities participating. CWA will continue to develop the collaborative process and solutions brought forth by the competition.The Erie Hack Challenge started with more than 200 participants and 45 teams coming together to #innovatethelake. With regional quarter finals complete, 18 teams have moved on to the semi-finals this evening, April 13th. Join us in person with our partner Techtown Detroit, or online (@eriehack for live stream) beginning at 5pm!Up to 10 teams will move on to the finals in Cleveland, taking place on May 2 and 3.