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Water has an immense impact on our economy and community. We promote Northeast Ohio as a nexus for water and technology to spur career and educational opportunities.


Great Lakes One Water - Smart Citizen Science


Great Lakes One Water (GLOW) is a regional effort that empowers communities around Lake Erie to be part of the data infrastructure that is essential for making smart decisions on policies, priorities, and investments to ensure safe, accessible and affordable water. The GLOW effort includes community foundations from Detroit, MI to Buffalo, NY along the lower half of Lake Erie.

At the selection of these Community Foundations, Cleveland Water Alliance is overseeing the implementation of the GLOW project throughout its three-year scope. The goal: move citizen science from isolated efforts to an organized regional team of advocates armed with real time water quality data. The data collected will affect local and regional issues, including infrastructure investments, regional priorities, and policy.

GLOW capitalizes on the Erie Hack Innovation Challenge initiative that produces new technologies, such as inexpensive handheld spectrometers and smartphone apps. Any citizen can use these technologies to capture and upload scientifically robust data. Citizen scientist organizers will be armed with new analytical tools, algorithms and predictive technologies, that will allow citizens to understand what their data means for their community, and in turn, how to share that data with decision makers.


Bio and Eco Mimetic Water Innovation Program 


CWA has agreements with Great Lakes Biomimicry Institute, the University of Akron, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s Coastal Advisory Department to support PhD research fellowships. New and exciting water innovation is central to these fellows’ work.

Project #1

A partner program of Cleveland Water Alliance, BioHabitats, Ohio DNR Office of Coastal Management. The team believes that a Biomimicry Fellow focused on finding bio-inspired ways to improve urban coastal and nearshore water quality associated with stormwater runoff, point and non-point source discharges, and riverine/coastal erosion (shoreline stabilization) would greatly benefit both Lake Erie and the coastal region.

Project #2:

A partner program of Cleveland Water Alliance, Ohio DNR Office of Coastal Management. A Biomimicry Fellow to identify specific actions related to the attainment of specific nearshore management goals that include, but are not limited to: improving nearshore water quality, maintaining a sustainable fishery, enhancing coastal biodiversity, managing invasive species, protecting coastal sand resources, enhancing coastal resiliency, and promoting public access.


Water Equity Taskforce


The Water Equity Taskforce is an initiative of the US Water Alliance to promote equitable water policy and management challenges and opportunities through peer to peer learning between different regions and cities. Clean water is vital to our communities—not just for public health, but for economic and social wellbeing. Envisioning an equitable water future for all, the Taskforce collaborates across six different cities: Atlanta, Buffalo, Camden, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Louisville.

CWA is proud to serve on Cleveland’s Learning Team. The team includes representatives from the Northeast Ohio Sewer District, Cleveland Water, Emerald Cities, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Environmental Health Watch, the City of Cleveland, Drink Local Drink Tap, and more. One of the main strategies the team will focus on is creating comprehensive approaches to addressing affordability.

A more equitable water future creates a thriving economy and a healthy community.


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