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We connect a web of critical resources, including funders, academia, researchers, scientists and utility partners to drive technological advancement and business growth.


Strategic Funding Collaboration


As a coalition of leading research institutions, industry, and utility partners, Cleveland Water Alliance plays a key role in strategizing, coordinating, and accelerating collaborative funding proposals for its public and private partners.

Positioned at the center of Lake Erie's water tech ecosystem, CWA staff have a unique perspective to identify innovation opportunities and build teams of collaborators to execute on them. We bring the right people together to tackle big issues, optimizing funding and delivering exponential results.

Yearly submissions to federal entities such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) or National Science Foundation (NSF) often bring millions of research and project dollars to stakeholders across the region while support of smaller submissions bring strategic investment to key items on the local innovation agenda.


Water Environment Federation:Water Technology Clusters Program Chair


Cleveland Water Alliance serves as the Chair of the Water Environment Forum (WEF) Water Technology Clusters Program. As drivers of regional based water technology and innovation, clusters play an important role in addressing the nation’s pressing environmental issues. Water technology innovation clusters are regional groupings of businesses, government, research institutions, and other organizations focused on innovative technologies for clean water.

These dense networks can help solve the nation's environmental challenges by spurring technology innovation. The Clusters Program disseminates best practices in cluster development, connects clusters to relevant WEF programs, explores technology transfer, funding opportunities, innovation policy, and maintains an inventory of U.S. clusters. The program was organized to bring together various stakeholders who have a dedicated interest in water technology innovation and implementation.

The focus of these groups is to explore best practices from a cluster/technology based economic development perspective, create an ecosystem that supports collaborative opportunities, explore programming and opportunities to accelerate technology, identify and discuss the difficult issues surrounding the testing of innovative technologies that must be addressed before a new water technology can go to market.


Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC)

The Alliance’s Executive Director, Bryan Stubbs, was appointed by the United States Secretary of Commerce to the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC). ETTAC develops recommendations to enhance the export competitiveness of the U.S. environmental technology industry,

the development and administration of programs to expand U.S. exports of environmental technologies, goods and services and products that comply with U.S. environmental safety and related requirements.


Trade Missions & Expos


Cleveland Water Alliance brings the ingenuity of Northeastern Ohio to other regions.

Much has been learned over the last 50 years since the Cuyahoga River caught fire, sparking the modern environmental movement.

By necessity, from that moment on Northeast Ohio became a center of innovation, conservation, and water technology that only grows. Lessons learned and technologies developed as a direct result of that important event can be extrapolated to environmental crises and water issues happening across the globe.

Cleveland Water Alliance accelerates regional economic development by identifying promising technologies, broadening the scope of application, and helping them grow to national and international audiences.


Lunch & Learns

Our Lunch and Learn series invites CWA members and partners to share expertise, education, and innovation with their peers in the water space. These engaging sessions feature a range of topics and connect local thought leaders, showcase emerging technologies, and strengthen the water technology ecosystem in Northeast Ohio.


Our Webinar Series showcases cutting-edge innovative technology, emerging research, and engages partners from around the world.

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