For a Fresh, Water Future

Cleveland Water Alliance is committed to protecting and preserving Northeast Ohio’s immense natural water resources for generations to come.

We are thrilled to partner with Blu, the Restaurant in Brad Friedlander’s vision to create a seafood restaurant with commitment to sustainability, Cleveland’s future, and innovation.

“As a Cleveland native and one of the founders of Cleveland Independents, I have always been a promoter of supporting Northeast Ohio,” Brad says. “By serving this water, we reinforce our commitment to both the area and the commitment to support local efforts.  I am proud to offer it at my newest venture: Blu, the Restaurant.”

Water is at the heart of Ohio’s success.

Cleveland Water Alliance is a collection of forward-thinking research institutions, industry leaders, environmental organizations and public utilities that together advance a new way of thinking about regional economic development.

We help create an environment for innovation that drives research, attracts industry, accelerates new technologies and creates dynamic career opportunities.