ErieStat Tracks Progress Toward a Healthier Lake Erie

ErieStat is an online tool helping make Lake Erie the first Smart and Connected Great Lake.


As part of our Smart Lake Erie blog series, we’re highlighting each of the projects already in motion to help make Lake Erie the first Smart and Connected Great Lake.

At the Smart Lake Strategy Session last month, Nicole Zacharda, Program Manager for Great Lakes Commission, shared how the work of Blue Accounting and its pilot program, ErieSTAT, has already begun to #InnovateTheLake and the surrounding Great Lakes region through data management and integration.

The Great Lakes Commission is an interstate compact agency consisting of the eight states and both Canadian provinces in the Great Lakes Basin. It co-leads Blue Accounting, a platform dedicated to providing organized, monitored data from around the Great Lakes and connecting groups of people that want to act on that data to help keep the Great Lakes a healthy, protected resource.

Blue Accounting works to convene these groups of people, select goals and metrics to work towards, identify strategies and investments to inform goals, track progress of these goals, and provide the public with clear, accessible information via their website.  

It has begun a pilot program, ErieStat, to track the progress of phosphorus reduction throughout the Lake Erie basin, in response to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement which calls for a 40% reduction of this mineral. Zacharda shared, at the Smart Lake Strategy Session, how ErieStat is informing the public on how their actions can contribute to nutrient loading:

“The thing that we’ve really started to do, given that we were getting going with Blue Accounting and ErieStat right when the governments were starting to think about their Domestic Action Plans, is to really explain how those activities within the Domestic Action Plans are hopefully contributing towards progress in reducing phosphorus loads to the lake.”

Visit ErieStat to learn more about this program and to learn more about the information gathered on this platform!

By Rita Flanagan

Rita Flanagan