UWinTeam Wins People’s Choice Award at Erie Hack 2.0 Final

On June 20, 2019, nine teams competed in the Erie Hack 2.0 Final, showcasing their innovations at Windows on the River in Cleveland, Ohio. New this year, Erie Hack 2.0 awarded a People’s Choice Award, allowing the public to vote for who they believed to have the best innovation to address the Great Lakes’ water challenges. UWinTeam took home the Erie Hack People’s Choice Award, winning a plaque of distinction and a cash prize of $500 at the Final.


“We are very excited to share our hard work and vision with everyone and are honoured by the reception we have received,” UWinTeam shared. “Winning People’s Choice has shown that our idea is not only accepted by researchers and other technical experts but also by the community at large.”

Comprised of University of Windsor students Dylan Verburg, Mohammed Madani, Monika Saha, Vinay Thapliyal, and Saranya Jeyalakshmi, UwinTeam’s innovation is an approach that has yet to be used in the Lake Erie region:

”Our project focuses on using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to collect imaging data of the lake which can then be used in hydrodynamic models of the lake...These models allow us to better understand where the issues we are seeing originate from and therefore how to best resolve these issues at their roots.”

Throughout the competition, UWinTeam shared that they remained excited for every opportunity to take the stage with many innovators and problem-solvers from across the Great Lakes region.

“Erie Hack has been a great experience for all of us to share our innovative capabilities while working on our shared passion of a more sustainable future. This competition platform has been an incredible opportunity to do this and share our vision with communities across this region!”


Congrats to UwinTeam for winning the People’s Choice Award at the Erie Hack 2.0 Final!!

Rita Flanagan