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In much of the world, freshwater is growing scarcer.

A water crisis presents the greatest risk for creating environmental, social, geopolitical and economic disruption in the next decade, according to the World Economic Forum 2015 Global Risks report.

At the Cleveland Water Alliance, we are leading a critical water innovation effort to broaden the way Northeast Ohio values, manages and capitalizes on its plentiful, precious supply of freshwater from Lake Erie.

Established in 2014, CWA is a non-profit organization that seeks to better utilize the economic and job-creating potential of Lake Erie while also urging greater care of this valuable, natural asset.

We are among the region’s leaders working to bring together Northeast Ohio’s water providers, business and political leaders, researchers and environmental organizations to establish Cleveland as a nationally recognized center for water innovation.

The potential is as limitless as our supply of freshwater.

Every day in the news it is evident there is great need for what we are doing. Consider these growing water challenges in our nation:
o Epic drought in the West
o Extreme weather events in the East and Midwest
o Increased flooding from climate change and rising sea levels
o Unprecedented pressure on water supplies in the face of urbanization and population growth.

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Membership in the Cleveland Water Alliance is a special opportunity to join an influential network of leaders and innovators and participate in peer-to-peer exchange opportunities. You will enhance your organization’s effectiveness and play an influential role in water innovation, policy, research and stewardship. When you think about it like that the choice is clear.

As a member, you’ll be a part of a water innovation network or cluster that is able to participate in and drive such initiatives as:
Erie Hack 2017: Innovate Around the Lake – A two-day summit that will bring innovative, technology-driven solutions to some of our greater water challenges
Development of a Water Enabled Industrial Attraction Strategy
Managing and increasing fresh water research with our partners at Case Western Reserve

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